Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Old Love

It has been a long time since I write here. I thought I found a new platform to pour my heart and soul out but I guess, I am back to this old school love, typing, not with my smart phone but with my good ol' desktop. NOT EVEN LAPTOP PLEASE! LOL!

So, if you do follow my Dayre, (which I write extensively due to the convenience), you will know my sampatness/ craziness in a whole new level but today, I revisited my good ol' bloggy and I guess, I realise that I do miss typing and pouring my heart here. 

In Dayre, I do have quite a few (to me is like a lot lah!) followers and silent readers because it is a small community. Here, I feel like I am talking to a wall because I don't know if my thoughts are heard here as compared to in Dayre. Dayre was once perfect la.

Nevertheless, a perfect world will never be perfect forever. 

Dayre has impacted my life quite drastically because I am very real there. No hiding my emotions, thoughts (although with a lot of tact) or my craziness there. I type as I talk, so whatever you read, it is how I talk. I kid you not!

I find myself opening up more in Dayre and at one point, it was my only escape route for me. I was hit by a personal crisis earlier this year and I nearly gave up. But, somehow, Dayre saved me. I learn to express my sadness, my anger, my frustration and my happiness with writing albeit my writing is not decorated with impressive and bombastic sentences, I learn, for the first time, to express myself. 

Writing has always been one of my hobby, my old love, my high school sweetheart. I remember I was being made fun of by my other friends who did read my blog about the way I wrote when I first started blogging. While I was embarrassed, I never wanted to give up writing. So, the next best thing was to improve my writing skills. I started to read more and trained myself to write with proper be tenses, verbs and nouns. 

Sometimes, simplicity conveys the message better, I think. 

I can write long and complicated essays, cloak with extravagant literature, but I choose not to here and in Dayre, simply because it is not me. While I appreciate literature and I do see the beauty in it, I choose to stay simple with the way I write, simply because I for one, know how reading can impact one's life. 

I write as if I am talking to you because eventhough you are merely reading what I am typing here, I want you to feel as if I am talking to you and reaching out to you. I may not have as much readers here as compared to Dayre but I guess my blog is my old love, a love that I cannot let go of no matter how I tried. 

Bloggy, thank you for being here for me.

Yours truly,

April Tay

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